What's my grade?
folgarida ski school logoWhat's your ski school grade?

We do understand that this is an extremely simplified grading system and so (like all systems) it is going to be inaccurate, as it is simply not possible to split the vast number of varying abilities into only 5 categories.  But !! we have to try.

If you book a course of ski lessons we need to allocate you into a group where (hopefully) everyone is of the same ability.  This means that you will get the most from your time and will advance your skiing skills.   If you are in the wrong group (either moving too slow or too fast) then you will not benefit as much as you would be able to in a correctly graded group. When you arrive for the ski school on the 1st day of your holiday we will use the grade you gave us to allocate you into a group.  This is not fixed by any means.  If you find the group is moving at the wrong speed for you then just see one of our staff and we will (subject to there being space in other groups) move you into a more appropriate group on the 2nd day. Please try and be as accurate as possible when booking your class.

Grade 1 - Beginner - Green Runs
You have not skied before or you have some limited experience on a dry ski slope.  Or, you may have tried skiing before and are still extremely nervous and would prefer to start from the beginning again.

Grade 2 - Improver - Blue Runs
You are an improver and this is not your first skiing holiday.  You can handle all lifts and are comfortable with easier slopes.  You are able to link your turns (most of the time) and are starting to “get" into carving.  You are able to ski blues and even some gentle reds.

Grade 3 - Intermediate Skier - Red Runs
You’re a good skier.  You have skied for a few weeks and your skis (most of the time) travel in parallel.  You are confident on most runs up to steep reds.  Basically you can ski most of the marked ski runs with the exception of steep blacks.

Grade 4 - Very Good Skier - Black runs
You are a very good skier.  You can ski all marked runs – although sometimes feel a little cautious of the very steep slopes.  You still feel a little challenged by moguls and off piste but generally you can ski the whole area with ease and whiz around as and where you want.  You are looking to improve your carving skills and generally move up to the next level.

Grade 5 - Advanced - Anywhere & Everywhere
An advanced skier.  You can ski all set runs in a controlled manner at speed.  You have some experience of moguls and off-piste but are still looking to improve you all round performance.  You have skied for quite a while and are looking to get that final bit of technique that will allow you to confidently cruise around and absorb the whole ski resort into your comfort zone.