Private lessons
With each session tailored to your specific needs you'll be amazed at your progression in only a short space of time.  If you are already a proficient skier and are aiming for the next level or just want to perfect some technique you're not quite sure about, you'll find that taking private lessons can quickly enable you to reach your goal.

Just inform your instructor at the start of the session what you hope to achieve and that will set the focus (don't forget - you set the target).  With clear and understandable exercises, the progression will be rapid.  The aim of all sessions is to give you the tools to be able to practice and perfect your new skill(s) at your own pace. 

One to one (or small group) instruction is an ideal situation where each group member gets maximum feedback; it is this level of personal attention that provides the ideal learning environment for those striving for that elusive feeling that we get when achieve something that seemed out of reach only a short while ago.

Who will benefit from private lessons?
Anyone that feels that they have perfected the skills taught in a standard group ski class or anyone who feels they would either be more comfortable or simply progress faster in a one to one situation.

How many people can join a private lesson?
From 1 to 5 people - all of whom should be around the same standard.

How much do private lessons cost?  Go to prices page (the costs are shown in the bottom box)

The prices are for either a ski instructor, snowboard instructor or a mountain guide.  With a mountain guide the cost also includes snowshoes if required.

Lessons can be booked consecutively (on the same day) or the same time each day.
Note - if booking a full day (8 hours) you will actually get 7 hours as there is a 1 hour lunch break in a mountain restaurant.

Is it just for skiers?
No - Private snowboarding lessons are available.

Can I "really" go off-piste?
Yes.  If you wish to experience the thrill of exploring areas seldom visited by other mountain users, this is your opportunity.  When booking your lesson please specify that wish to have a fully qualified (UIAGM) mountain guide (there are a number that work within the Folgarida and Madonna Di Campiglio ski schools). 
Note. The off -piste techniques taught by ski instructors are to enable you to ski "slightly" off-piste and gain the techniques required to ski in variable conditions.