Self Drive
There are a number of methods of getting to Northern Italy.  By far the simplest (and cheapest) is to book a holiday with us that will include, flight & transfers, etc.

Of course there may be some reason why you specifically want to make your way to our resort so, in this case, you have a number of options.

You can drive Arrange your own flight Take a train

Driving to the Brenta Dolomites.

We will assume that you are taking the Euro Tunnel. Note that we have not taken the shortest route - but this is by far the fastest and easiest.

The basics are that you drive across France to Geneva, take the White Motorway to the Mont Blanc Tunnel and then follow the motorway across Northern Italy until you reach Verona (nice place to stop for lunch). From Verona take the motorway North towards Brenero until you reach Trento.  Come off at the Trento Nord (North) exit, then follow the signs for Cles -> Malè -> Dimaro -> Folgarida/Madonna di Campilio.

We would suggest that you stop over night en-route. We normally stay in Geneva, French side, thus avoiding the Swiss motorway tax. Assuming that you are up and on your way early from Geneva around 8am (on the 2nd day) you should arrive in resort around mid afternoon.

Get a Google Maps Route Plan >>>

Arranging your own flight.

Contrary to popular opinion and what airline marketing departments would have you think, it is very difficult to get "cheap" flights to Northern Italy. Direct flights are more plentiful from the London area and the further north you go the more scarce flights become.

If you are able to get to either Verona or Venice airport, you should be able to take a bus direct to Folgarida (during the ski season) from outside both airport terminals.  Link to Dolomite Express Coaches >>>

Or you may take a train from either Verona or Venice to Trento. Timetable >>>
From Trento take the Dolomiti Express train to Malè and then a taxi up to Folgarida. 

Taking a train.

Whilst it is technically possible to take a train direct from the Euro Tunnel, via Paris then on to Venice, it is, in truth, almost impossible.  But for anyone who really likes trains here is a link that may get you started >>>