Explore Venice
At the start or after your holiday in Folgarida or Madonna di Campiglio,
why not spend a couple of days exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
 (all pictures on this page -except the hotel pictures -  were taken during a one day visit on 23/02/2015)
Venice city break 1  Venice city break 2

Many of  our clients arrive and depart from Venice airport so (as you're there anyway) why not treat yourself to a short stay in the what must be one of the most beautiful and glorious cities anywhere.

A break in Venice is all about simply being in and experiencing all those places you've dreamed of.  Venice is built in a lagoon, so the many canals acts as roads, meaning you can either stroll along the board-walks or enhance your trip by using gondolas (yes some of the pilots really do sing to their passengers). 

Of course everyone will want to visit St Marks Square but don't forget to explore the back streets, where you'll discover many hidden, and  unexpectedly deserted, squares surrounded by candle-lit wine bars.  You may want to plan your visit so you can see as much as possible; don't forget the Ca' Rezzonico Palazzo where you'll find Museum of 18th-Century Venice.  The loud and frantic markets around the Rialto Bridge are well worth a visit.  But above all don't forget to leave time to simple wander around this wonderful and enigmatic city.

If you choose to take a Venice City break we will arrange your coach transfer to/from resort so you have as long as possible in Venice.

The options are:
Arrive on Friday and spend two nights in Venice before travelling to your resort.
After your ski holiday travel to Venice on Sunday and depart on Monday after spending one night in Venice.
After your ski holiday travel to Venice on Sunday and depart on Tuesday after spending two nights in Venice.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, in Venice it's true.
Venice is not just about Gondolas - but they are fun !
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We do not make any charge for administering your Venetian break, the only thing you'll need to pay for is your hotel.

*      If you wish to extend your holiday to include the Venetian Break you MUST inform us when booking. 
*      We can NOT alter the dates of a booking after it has been confirmed.

The choice of Venetian hotel is up to you, however we recommend the Marriot Courtyard Hotel just outside Venice Airport for a number of reasons:
  • First and foremost it really is an excellent hotel - our staff say there regularly
  • Unusually, for an Italian hotel, the breakfasts are excellent (a great way to start your day)
  • The rooms are "much" larger than you'll find in city centre hotels
  • The Venice Tourist Tax is not application as you're outside the city centre
  • The bus stop (to/from Venice centre) is literally outside the hotel's front door
  • It's cheaper than comparable city centre hotels
  • It's very easy to get to or from the airport.
  • Only 270m from the airport - less than a minutes in the hotel's free shuttle bus
  • You can drop your suitcases off and wander around unencumbered
The price you pay for the hotel is "exactly" what's shown on their website - we do not add anything to this.
The approximate cost is €110 (£91) per night per room for up to 2 people - single / twin / double.

The Marriott Courtyard Hotel Venice.
The hotel pictures are copyright of Marriott Hotels

If you have any questions about adding a Venetian Break to your holiday please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.