Cookies & privacy

Many website use so-called "cookies" (small code files imbedded into a website) in order to improve a users experience. This can enable the website to ‘remember’ you and record your preferences, point you to certain pages the website designer thinks may be of interest, speed up navigation, etc.

We don't.

There is one (just one) cookie used on each page of our website.  It does NOT record any personal information and is used by us to simply record which pages are viewed and how many times.  It also records where the page is being view - the general area, NOT your address.


This is where we differ from the vast majority of websites.

If you contact us via our Contact US form:  We will only use your email address to answer your question/comment.  We will NOT transfer your details to any database so we can contact you again.  Why? Well to put it simply and bluntly Spam is a total waste of time - it doesn't work and results in users adding the spammers details to their blocked list.  We never have (and never will) send out promotional marketing emails to people who have simply asked us for some information.

If you book a holiday with us:  We will only use the information you provide to supply that holiday and nothing else.  We Absolutely Guarantee that we will NEVER pass your details on to anyone who doesn't need it.  e.g.  we will pass on your name to the hotel, your passport details to the airline, your name and flight times to transfer coach companies, your name and lift picture to the lift pass company, etc.  Basically we will use the information your provide for the purpose of providing the holiday you book.