Group Bookings
A group booking can be anything from a couple of mates up to a large corporate group of hundreds of people.

We understand that some people will want to do all the organising and others will just want to ski with their mates - without the hassle of actually organising the trip.  For this reason we have the "Linked Bookings" system.

There are two methods of administering a group booking.
In both cases we will arrange for:
* The group to be on the same flight (if departing from the same airport),
* The same transfer coach
* Rooms in the hotel will be as close as possible.
* The group will dine together.
* Ski school (if booked) will be at the same time.
* Etc.

1st the group should decide on one person who will act as the group leader.
One group. Linked groups.
  • The booking is made by the group leader on behalf of the whole group.
  • All correspondence will be sent to this person, e.g. confirmations, invoices, etc
  • The group leader will ensure that deposits and the final payments are made.
  • The group leader will receive the flight tickets, baggage tags, etc.
  • Each section of the group, e.g. individuals, families, couples, etc. make their own booking.
  • We will link these bookings together.
  • Each section of the group will receive their own confirmation, invoices, etc.
  • The group leader will be kept updated on all aspects of the group's bookings.
  • Each section of the group will pay their own deposits and final payments. 
  • Each section of the group will receive their own flight tickets, baggage tags, etc.

Group discounts on the cost of the trip are available for groups of 20+

If you are considering a group booking please contact us to discuss your requirements.