Folgarida Madonna di Campiglio
  Gran Baita Renzi Caminetto Alpina St Raphael
Distance to slopes 435.94m 117.65m 69.23m N/A N/A
Small Gym
Large Spa
Small Spa
Swimming pool
Baby sitting
Heated boot room
Smoking room
Children's play room


Distance to slopes - in Folgarida the slopes end in the Piazza, the distances given are from the hotel's front door.  And yes, we  took a long tape measure and measured all the distances.  Oh and we have altered one of the distances by 10cm: so if you see the same figures on other websites, you'll know where they got them from.

Small Spa / Large Spa - in the Alpina they have added a Jacuzzi, showers, etc.  In the four star hotels you will find a full, purpose built, leisure spa with steam rooms, Turkish baths, saunas, and other facilities.

Cop-Out (which our lawyers insisted we include):
The items shown on the chart are based on the facilities available last season. It is the nature of the hotel business that some facilities may change, extra facilities may be offered in future and others may be withdrawn. We have given this information and comparison in good faith but we can not guarantee that all services and facilities may be offered at all times or be available when you arrive.