GCSE PE Skiing

Brentaski in association with the Folgarida Ski School run many skiing session each winter for those doing the GCSE & A level in PE.

If you are coming to Folgarida, Madonna di Campiglio, or Marilleva and want us to organise a session use the contact us button above and let us know the details of when you'll arrive and which resort you'll be staying.

In 2018 we published an article in the BASI News, which is the official "in-house" magazine of the British Association of Snowsports Instructors.

The article gave an insight in to running of a GCSE (PE) Skiing video session, from an instructors perspective.
  Article The original text and layout for the BASI News article.
In the article there are numerous links referred to which are shown below

  Sports List The full list of sports which the DfE allow to be used as an Elective Sport for the GCSE in Physical Education

  Criteria Due to the changes in the GCSE syllabus (for all education boards) which are taking place, this link will be updated before the start of winter 2018/19

Shows the criteria used by each UK Education Board for the Alpine Skiing Elective for the GCSE in Physical Education.

This is just my ideas for Performance Indicators (PI's) at GCSE level.

To ensure that each student is assessed using the same criterion it is VITAL that they all graded using the same PI's.

If you are unsure about PI's, more details are given in the "how to run the session" - see below.

  Report A sample of the type of report which is sent to the school after the videoing session.  You may either create a new report for each student or (much simpler) use the Report Function on the GCSE database.

Video How to run a GCSE skiing videoing session.

Database - For Windows PC/Laptop "only"

To download the Database use the contact us button (above).
Send us your name, BASI number and email.
You will be sent the download link

This will enable you to store details of GCSE sessions and automatically produce Education Board Reports and email them to the school.

How to use the database - instruction videos
Video Even if you don't watch any of the other instruction videos
you are strongly advised to view the download instructions.
How to download the database
If you DO have MS Access installed
How to download the database
If you do NOT have MS Access installed

How to produce a GCSE report https://youtu.be/hkpcax7MmiI
Initial setup https://youtu.be/3S4-YaVFnWQ
How to create a password https://youtu.be/NVjyJxYiRCs
How to make a backup https://youtu.be/zWimdtrdDpY
The Tasks and PI's form https://youtu.be/_CrFZ_I5GW8
The Schools form https://youtu.be/-sWzznvppLs
The Instructors form https://youtu.be/jPxu34ZQxTI
Record non GCSE awards https://youtu.be/C2hmDEXExOo