PPC Ski courses
Skiing is all about "fun" and "flow", which are difficult to describe, but we all know when we're having fun and feel it when we're flowing
Wayne (British Assoc. of Snowsports Instructors, International Ski Instructors Assoc. Instructor at the Folgarida Ski School)


A personal performance course has two aims: developing performance and achieving potential.

*  5 days - 3 hour workshops per day (Mon to Fri). - 10am to 1pm.
*  Max 6 students per session.
*  Off slope video feedback and analysis.

As we live in resort all season, there are no minimum numbers required to run the course.  If there are 6, 4, 2 or even just you, it will still run, so you can book with confidence that your course will not be cancelled due to lack of numbers.

There is no set plan for the week as we aim to look at, develop, then fine tune the fundamentals of your skiing - work on the basics and the rest will follow. 

Each workshop will have a specific focus such as piste performance, variables or steeps and will use demonstrations, drills and different practice techniques will allow each member to achieve their potential.

This is not a standard "ski class", but rather it is a focused programme of workshops with the objective of making each group member a better skier.  It is normal on our PPC's to see each group member having different performance issues they want to address, so you'll find each member targeting different aspects of their skiing during the workshop. 

Each day you will be videoed and this will one of the tools used during our evening feedback sessions. We have been told, many times, that the evening sessions are one of the most helpful aspects of our PPC's.  The feedback is always a two  way process so we want to to know what you gained from the workshop, what you didn't, what you feel you need work on, etc.  This way each workshop can be focused specifically on your aims and objectives. 
Note - all videos will be uploaded on-line (with a private URL so only you, or anyone you give the URL to, can view or download it).

The PPC's focus on the "Flow", but lastly, but by no means least, remember it's a holiday so we'll ensure it's "Fun".

PPC's are available in Folgarida.  Anyone staying in Madonna di Campiglio may either ski over or take the free shuttle bus.

To join a PPC you should be Grade 3 or above (see here for details)

Cost per person = £200 + the cost of your holiday (see here for details)  

Note as your instructor will choose the most appropriate area for each workshop you will need a Full Area lift pass extension - cost £70 per week or approx. €28 per day if purchased in resort.

PPC's are not available during the UK Half Term or New Year weeks.

To book onto a PPC

If you have already booked a trip with us and would like to join a PPC you may either email or call us and we'll make the arraignments

If you have not already booked a trip you may either book online (and select PPC in the School dropdown) or just give us a call and we'll take your booking over the phone.